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Welcome to Avalanche Lab.com, your 1-stop-shop for everything avalanche data collection and sharing. We are currently looking at improving our site and our products in the coming time, and look forward to working with the avalanche safety community to improve user safety in avalanche terrain.

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  1. Hey Avylab! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using your app so far but was wondering if there is a way to delete temperature points on a pit profile? Thanks!

  2. Hey Zach,
    Try swiping left on the temperature. This should allow you to delete the temp observation. If you add a new point this should allow you to add the ones you need, and the app will order them for you automatically. If you know anyone interested in helping with development for the project, please feel free to hit us up. Check our Facebook page as it has our most up to date info as well.
    Support @ Avalanche Lab.com

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